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An image with the 41/40 Arts & Cultural District logo. Behind the logo is a fun image of cartoon style people playing instuments

Arts & Cultural District Brochure

On December 17, 2018, the Indiana Arts Commission formally recognized Terre Haute as one of ten cities in Indiana with an official arts and cultural district designation. The 41|40 Arts and Cultural District radiates out from the Crossroads of America—the intersection of the historic U.S. Highways 40 and 41, encompassing Terre Haute’s downtown, the brewery district, and much of Indiana State University’s campus. 41 |40 is located just a few blocks from the scenic Wabash River—inspiration for Indiana’s state song, “On the Banks of The Wabash, Far Away” composed by native son, Paul Dresser. The district enjoys a rich history that emerges out of a deep and lasting cultural core and serves as both a geographic and cultural center. We proudly pay tribute to our history by naming the district after that intersection, known today as 7th & Wabash.


Questions about the district?

Contact Arts Illiana @ 812-235-5007 or email


Arts & Cultural District Brochure
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We hope this brochure will guide you as you embark on a discovery of arts & culture at the Crossroads of America. 

Map of 41|40 Arts & Cultural District

View the area of Terre Haute that makes up the Arts & Cultural District as recognized by the Indiana Arts Commission and the State of Indiana. 


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